Calling all creators!

Are you interested in developing your art during an extended stay in the Shetland Islands, halfway between Scotland and Scandinavia? With accommodation in one of Shetland’s most spectacular locations, Hillswick in Northmavine?

The Weaving Shed is a gloriously renovated building of great historical interest, on the seafront in the village of Hillswick. It was restored and rebuilt in 2017 by Geoff Jukes, as a tribute to his late partner Jeannette Obstoj. The first floor comprises Geoff’s own separate family apartment.

A gallery on the ground floor houses a permanent exhibition of Jeannette’s paintings. It is also used for community activities such as yoga classes, film shows and musical performances. It contains professional sound and projection systems.

Adjoining the downstairs gallery is a studio apartment with fully-equipped kitchen, comfortable double sofabed, dining area and bathroom. There is a television, hifi and broadband. Towels and bedlinen are supplied.

This apartment is now available to artists in any discipline who wish to spend a minimum of four and maximum of twenty weeks in Shetland, as part of the Northmavine community.

How it works

Based on similar artist-in-residence accommodation in Shetland, the value of this programme is in the region of £500 per month. The Weaving Shed Gallery is not a commercial venture. To help us cover expenses for use of the apartment. We ask for £100 a week, towards covering running costs. A deposit of £100 is required, prior to arrival and this will be refunded after your stay, pending a property inspection. The Northmavine Community Development Company looks after the Weaving Shed on Geoff’s behalf and administers the creator-in-residence project.

You will be responsible for your own travel to and from Shetland and transport while on the islands. It should be said that while there are daily bus services between Hillswick and the island capital Lerwick, 40 miles away, a car would be a major advantage. The local community shop and post office is next door, and Hillswick also has a hotel with bar and restaurant and a health centre with 24-hour on-call GP. There is a wildlife sanctuary nearby.

The apartment is suitable for an individual or a couple, but it is extremely compact. It is unsuitable for a family or pets. There isn’t a dedicated workshop space suitable for high-impact crafts, although part of the gallery could be used for low-impact studio purposes providing the space isn't being used for another exhibition. Other local creators have offered the use of facilities such as kilns for those working in ceramics and there could be further opportunities to share resources, if this would be useful.

Interested in applying?

We are interested in creators in literature, music, painting, sculpture, cinema and beyond who are excited at the prospect of a cultural exchange between themselves and the local community.

We would expect some sort of output – either workshops or an exhibition/performance that reflects the creators’ relationship with the community, it’s local culture, wildlife, geography and history. While in residence, the artist may be expected to open the private Weaving Shed Gallery on request to interested visitors and ensure its security at all times. If the Creator wishes to have an exhibition as part of their time in Residence. Then the daily /weekly charge is waivered. Our policy is a commission of 25% on all items sold to be paid to the Weaving shed.

We would also ask that creators prepare a short report of their experience with examples of the work, before you leave. This would be used by us as promotion.

To apply, please provide the details requested below:

  • A CV, with qualifications, publications, recordings, showings and exhibitions
  • A statement of no more than 300 words about why you would like to come to The Weaving Shed, what you would gain from being part of the local community, how you might contribute to it and how long you would like to stay. (Residencies are between 4 – 20 weeks)
  • 6 images of examples of your most recent work
  • 2 references.

If you have any queries, or to submit your application, please e-mail

Note: Neither Geoff Jukes nor NCDC takes any responsibility for the Creator-in-Residence’s materials, transportation or subsistence during their stay. Although the building is insured, the artist is expected to provide their own personal insurance covering themselves and their property and take responsibility for any damage or breakages caused. The artist would be expected, in addition to the duties outlined above, to engage with local media during their stay.